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From the President’s Desk: Trade Show Highlights

  • Surfaces:  This event wasn’t very well attended, probably a combination of factors including the weather, the following IBS/KBIS event in same town, and a little of the plight of the dealer channel in flooring. The leader’s booths were fairly busy but the aisles were somewhat empty during the first two days. Chameleon is hoping to help resurrect the dealer channel through effective marketing technologies and tools. There is still some resistance to adopting the tools that the major players (Empire Today, big box, others) already are succeeding with.
  • IBS/KBIS:  This year the promoters finally accommodated the exhibitors and attendees and combined the two shows in one convention center.  It was well attended, probably somewhat by people trying to get out of the cold!  Many great opportunities for our latest and greatest tools, and I was pleasantly surprised at the excitement over our new color matching tool for the iPhone and iPad.  It looks like the building industry is headed toward a resurgence…good news for Chameleon and its clients!
  • IRE:  Last week of February…more next month on this show.

New Tools Hit the Market

Launching with our new paint relationship, a new suite of tools

Chameleon is proud to announce the launch of suite of paint tools for the Color Guild organization, the world’s largest association of paint manufacturers. The tools will allow Color Guild members and their customers to select and view real Color Guild paint palettes on interior and exterior images, both residential and commercial.
“We’re excited to launch our next generation solutions with such a forward thinking organization,” said Dan Dempsey, President and CEO of Chameleon. “The members wanted to create solutions that elevated them above their competitors and our new suite of tools and concepts accomplished that goal.”

The new tools include a next generation web visualization and image upload tool, a new iPad paint tool, and a color matching tool for iPhone and iPad. The new tools are available to Color Guild members this month.

Developments from the Lizard

New Version of the Popular ImageMapper Tool Preparing for Launch

Eight years ago, Chameleon released the original ImageMapper tool. This was the first technology to allow users to upload and instantly remodel photos of interiors and exteriors with new building materials. Users are able to decorate just about every aspect of the home they’re working on including roofing, siding, trim, cabinets, flooring, counters, and doors. Currently ImageMapper has over 3.1 million home uploads and this number increases on a daily basis. The R&D staff at Chameleon is currently putting together an update that is going to take this type of technology to the next level.
Some of the New ImageMapper Features:

•    Magic wand/fill, paint brush, and erase selection tools.
•    Zoom capabilities for more detailed and accurate results.
•    Simplified interface.
•    Unique perspective target for proper sizing and balancing of the image without artificial parameters.

Sophisticated Blending and Pattern Tools

Chameleon rendering technology is ideal for creating unique outcomes within product groups like roof blends, tile and mosaic blends, paver patterns, etc.

Chameleon has developed tools that allow users to create their own backsplash patterns and mosaics, roof, and stone blends, and help the user view the final outcome on their project, providing the opportunity to create a product that is 100% unique to the users own home/space. Tile, paver, and roofing manufacturers and designers utilize our technologies today to create that unique, one-of-a-kind outcome.


A Change in Habitat

Like Chameleon, Metal Roofing Sales Continue to Grow

According to Executive Vice President of Drexel Metals Brian Partyka, “Metal Roofing is one of the few segments within the roofing industry that continues to grow and now has the 2nd largest residential market share next to traditional asphalt shingles. We want to position our customers to take advantage of this trend. Chameleon Power’s technology and vision helped us to provide a simple service to help our customers and our customer’s customers sell more of our products.”

Chameleon Power has experienced significant growth in the last four years and partnering with growing industries and companies has helped ensure that success. The metal roofing industry is one of those growing roofing categories that has seen similar success and now represents nearly 10% of the entire roofing industry. 

“Discriminating customers use our technology to make the best decision and select longer-term solutions when it comes to most high ticket purchases like roofing. The metal roofing industry is positioned very well to exploit this trend,” said Dan Dempsey, President and CEO of Chameleon Power.

According to the Metal Roofing Alliance, “A metal roof will never decompose and can give the homeowner peace of mind that they’ll never have to reroof again.”

Drexel Metals, a leading metal roofing supplier, selected the Chameleon iPad app solution for its sales team and contractors. “Drexel Metals is really excited to have partnered with Chameleon Power to develop our new Color Visualizer. With a click of a button our metal roof profiles and perimeter edge metal systems can be changed along with the siding, stone, brick and color of the property. Another benefit is that a building owner, architect, contractor or homeowner can simply take a photo and upload onto our site and see what their property will look like with our product! Chameleon Power brought our vision to life and made it so simple and accurate that our customers can’t believe how simple and easy the program is to work with!” said Partyka.

You can find the Drexel visualizer at or

Company News

Adding Talent:

Chameleon is constantly seeking talented coders (software developers), graphics and IT folk. Recent software development additions include Rob McMullen, and Scott Treppa. The Chameleon team nearly doubled in 2013…if you are interested in joining, please visit our careers page at

New clients:

2013 was a banner year for Chameleon, with many new name brands joining the ranks of Chameleon users and partners. Learn more about some of our new clients and tools at our clients page,