Fall Interior Design Ideas


  • Throughout the first part of 2014, we saw a lot of light, rich, and vibrant colors. In years past we were caught in the beige box. This included classic black and white.
  • This fall, rich navy blue is very in. Different saturations of navy blue add elements of color to any room.
  • It’s time to venture from the classic black and white. Soften up the timeless trend by mixing patterns of white into black and vice versa.

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Navy blue elements can add a nice touch of color to a room


  • Going into any new season elements of a room might be changed. Interchangeable accents are a key part of fall 2014.
  • Patterned or off-color pillows spice up a normal sitting area.
  • Add a vintage-looking rug.
  • Frames of different size, look, color, material.
  • Mood curtains.
  • New lamp shades.


Try off-color pillows to spice up your seating area


  • Moody, dramatic walls.
  • Dark colors with metallic accents.


  • One of a kind pieces are very in for fall (or any time).
  • Vintage pieces are enviable and change up any scene while staying classic.
    • Social media constantly cuts the lifespan of a trend in half yet vintage sticks around.
  • Timeless design and décor are back in after all of the electric patterns.


  • Vintage looking floral patterns mixed up with modern elements create an edgy, modern setting.


Mix-up modern and floral


  • Mix and match metallic creating many reflective surfaces.


  • Layer the room to create dimensions with both materials, patterns, and textures.
  • Layering on the walls makes any room seem deeper and larger.
  • Mix different metals, fabrics and other materials.


  • Heart of the home should constantly be improved.
  • Give it its own custom vibe and warm accents.
  • Stone reflective surfaces with rich color.


Add a touch of reflective stone to your kitchen


  • Lighten up woods in your home.
  • We have seen many dark woods in the past few design seasons and it is time to bring back the honey toned woods.


Honey toned woods are making a comeback 

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Chameleon User Feedback from CertainTeed!

chameleonfeedback copy

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- Joan and Bill

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Home Renovation Projects to Tackle in the Fall


The weather has begun to cool, leaves have started to change color, and football season is here. It’s the perfect time to work on your home. Here are some renovation ideas that are geared specifically towards the Fall season.

1. Upgrading Doors and Windows – Older windows will cause your home to lose a great deal of heat in the wintertime. Fall is a good time to consider replacing them with new double-paned windows that will increase insulation and save money on your heating bill. You should also inspect your exterior doors for gaps or cracks in between the door and door frame that will let heat out.

2. Roof Maintenance – As the leaves fall, it’s important to keep your gutters clean in order to avoid ice dams that will damage the roof in the Winter. It’s also a good time to check for any loose or curling shingles. A roof that is in poor shape may need to be replaced before winter.

3. Interior Painting – Summer humidity makes it difficult for paint to dry and often results in blotchy walls while the lack of ventilation during Winter can result in excessive drying times. A warm Autumn day is the perfect time to open up the windows and finish some interior painting projects.

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Fall Landscaping Ideas – The Paperbark Maple

If you’re thinking about improving your landscape and curb appeal for the fall season, one way to go is the paperbark maple tree. According to Karen Chapman of Houzz,

“The paperbark maple is a more modest-size, slow-growing deciduous tree, prized not only for its beautiful foliage but also for its attractive peeling cinnamon-colored bark. In fall the leaves of the paperbark maple change from green to shades of coral, peach and caramel — a wonderful highlight of any autumnal display.”

Paperbark maple details:

Botanical name: Acer griseum
Common name: Paperbark maple
Where it will grow: Hardy to -30 degrees Fahrenheit (zones 4 to 8)
Water requirement: Low once established
Light requirement: Full sun or partial shade
Mature size: 18 feet tall and up to 15 feet wide
Seasonal interest: Year-round
When to plant: Plant it in well-drained soil in spring or fall.



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Chameleon Power and OW Lee Release Fire Pit Visualization Tool

Users can now customize their own fire pit at the OW Lee website

June 4th, 2014

NOVI, MI — OW Lee, manufacturer of fine wrought iron and wrought aluminum furniture has teamed up with software developer Chameleon Power to give customers the opportunity to build their own fire pit with the Casual Fireside Fire Pit Builder.

This new visualizer tool allows users to view OW Lee fire pit options from their computer or mobile device. Customization options include pit style, base type, base finish, top style, top finish, and fire media kits with a total of 1,500 possible configurations. The visualizer also makes it possible for users to save, share, download, and print their projects.

“The Fire Pit Builder is such a great way to really visualize all the different options we have available and to see your custom fire pit on screen before you order. I think the Fire Pit Builder will help the consumer to feel confident about their choices and drive them to purchase.” said Leisa Rogers McCollister, Marketing Manager at OW Lee.

The OW Lee visualizer capitalizes on the unique bases and tops that are offered by the company. Chameleon Power is the foremost developer of visualization software for the home design industry and is proud to team with OW Lee to create their first fire pit visualizer.

“OW Lee is a category innovator and utilizing technology like web visualization to help customers with selections certainly speaks to their progressive mindset,” said Dan Dempsey, CEO of Chameleon Power. “Visualization technology is used widely in the residential and commercial design arenas and we are excited that OW Lee partnered with us to create the first fire pit design tool available for customers online and mobile.”

The OW Lee Fire Pit Builder is available for use at http://www.owlee.com/fire-pit-builder.aspx or http://owlee.chameleonpower.com.

About OW Lee:
OW Lee was founded in 1947 in Pasadena, California. They are the premier manufacturer of fine wrought iron and wrought aluminum outdoor furniture and fire pits. OW Lee manufactures heirloom quality products in Ontario, California and they are one of the few remaining companies in the outdoor furniture industry that still manufacture in the USA.

About Chameleon Power Inc.
Headquartered in Novi, Michigan, Chameleon Power is the leading Web technology provider to the home building and decorating industry. Chameleon Power has provided visualization and e-commerce solutions to the home building and remodeling industries since 1998. Chameleon Powered Web sites create virtual showrooms that provide a seamless connection between manufacturers, e-tailers and consumers. For more information, visit http://www.chameleonpower.com.