Chameleon Power: First in Visualization Technology Innovation

Chameleon Power was founded during the height of the boom of the late 1990’s. One of the key reasons the company emerged from the bust that followed is its long commitment to continuous innovation and technology.

A company of firsts, Chameleon Power prides itself with leading technology that others follow or attempt to duplicate. Chameleon Power is the first and only visualization software company to:

  • Develop ImageMapper back in 2006. Over the years, ImageMapper has made it possible for 2.1 million homeowners and contractors and counting to upload photos of actual homes and apply photo-realistic building products to them
  • Transcend the idea of virtual design by perfecting true photo-accuracy with our visualizers and realistic building renderings
  • Create the most visually accurate granite and stone visualizers available anywhere
  • Launch the industry’s first virtual Slab Yard that gives builders, contractors or homeowners opportunities to select granite or marble slabs in real-time
  • Design a mosaic blender and the tile industry’s only virtual backsplash builder complete with complex patterns and layouts
  • Adapt visualization technology to blaze brilliantly fast on smartphones and tablets
  • Integrate social media sharing with our highly popular visualizers


  • Enhance the shopping experience with Vision QR™, a blend of QR and bar coding with visualization available right from the retail or showroom floor
  • Add greater engagement to the online furniture and home décor shopping experience with fabric/upholstery and wall art/decor visualizers
  • Discover new dimensions and perspectives for visualizing windows, patio doors, garage doors and other transparent objects and surfaces

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