Increase Online Sales with Dynamic Technology


Chameleon Power, the leading provider of visualization software, has developed visualizers for every part of the home from the exterior (roofing, siding, windows, trim, stone) to the interior (all types of flooring, countertops, backsplashes, mosaics, etc.).

Our easy-to-use and engaging home design tools are developed to take the guesswork out of building, remodeling and decorating for both contractors and homeowners.  While dozens of leading manufacturers are and have been avid users of our technology for such products as roofing, siding, tile, Chameleon Power also offers its popular, beautifully photo-realistic visualization capabilities to the online home decor market.


Currently, the consumer experience offered by most online decor retailers requires customers to begin a rather laborious process of clicking through page after page of photographed wall decor, for example. But the difference between photo and visualization technology is an item photo displayed on a white background does not generally show the size and scale of a product and how it will actually look in a real room. This also applies to the experience of shopping online for an area rug. A photograph, even a perfectly rendered one, does not generally give a consumer a good virtual idea of whether to buy a 5×6 or the 7×9 rug for their room.


That’s where Chameleon Power’s dynamic home decor visualizer tools for wall art, area rugs, window fashions and upholstery can not only be highly useful in creating a memorable and engaging online experience for customers, but also in converting 2/3rds of them into instant buyers.


2013-02-14_1132_001We invite you to try our home decor demo visualizers for art, rugs, paint, window fashions, and upholstery as well as our other home interior and exterior visualizers that can be customized with your unique products, colors and images at


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