Changing Colors

Chameleon Power Branches Out with More Services and Tools

Much like the ever-adapting Chameleon, we continue to evolve our tools and services based on expanding client’s needs. Although Chameleon Power is known in the industry as a provider of top-of-the-line visualizers and user interface design, Chameleon has evolved as a provider of other marketing services including branding, web design, logo design, marketing materials, and print materials.

“I’ve been told by some in the industry that we have a graphics staff larger than most graphic design agencies,” says President and CEO Dan Dempsey.

Marketing Consultant Stephanie Frasco says, “It’s about how you provide value to your customer that matters. Whether it’s through blogging, video or email marketing, in order for people to stay engaged, they have to perceive value.”

Personalized web experiences have become a major priority for today’s most successful companies whether it’s through branding, marketing, design, or social media. Having a talented graphics, design, and marketing staff like Chameleon Power allows them to tackle these opportunities from head on.


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