Company News

From the President’s Desk: Trade Show Highlights

  • Surfaces:  This event wasn’t very well attended, probably a combination of factors including the weather, the following IBS/KBIS event in same town, and a little of the plight of the dealer channel in flooring. The leader’s booths were fairly busy but the aisles were somewhat empty during the first two days. Chameleon is hoping to help resurrect the dealer channel through effective marketing technologies and tools. There is still some resistance to adopting the tools that the major players (Empire Today, big box, others) already are succeeding with.
  • IBS/KBIS:  This year the promoters finally accommodated the exhibitors and attendees and combined the two shows in one convention center.  It was well attended, probably somewhat by people trying to get out of the cold!  Many great opportunities for our latest and greatest tools, and I was pleasantly surprised at the excitement over our new color matching tool for the iPhone and iPad.  It looks like the building industry is headed toward a resurgence…good news for Chameleon and its clients!
  • IRE:  Last week of February…more next month on this show.

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