Eyeing the Future

The Importance of Mobile Technologies

As the use of cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices becomes more and more prevalent there has been an increase in demand for mobile applications.   Chameleon created the first and only image upload and decorate tool for iPad, and has developed twelve iPad decorator tools that are all currently available in the Apple app store. According to ComScore Senior Vice President of Mobile Mark Donovan, four out of five minutes on a smartphone are spent engaging with an app.

“Over half of all Internet traffic now comes from mobile” says Holly Hamann of Tap Influence.

According to The Complete eMarketer Forecast for 2013, U.S. Adults spend an average of two hours and twenty minutes on their mobile devices each day and according to businessinsider.com, more people on earth have access to mobile phones than electricity or safe drinking water.

When it comes to mobile and tablet application development, Chameleon Power intends to always stay ahead of the curve. Currently we are creating a mobile color match tool, building an Android app that is set to release next quarter, and is waiting for orders on their Microsoft Surface applications. Chameleon Power’s Research and development team is constantly brainstorming new applications and ways to bring visualization to all kinds of consumers worldwide.


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