2014’s Top Remodeling Trends

Looking to make some changes around the home this summer? According to Senior Editor Mike LaFollette at Angie’s List, the top home remodeling trends of 2014 are:

  1. Opening up the Kitchen
  2. Installing Hardwood Flooring in the Kitchen
  3. Customizing the Home
  4. Separating the Shower and Tub
  5. Combining Old and New Styles
  6. Going Greener

open-kitchen-design-ideas1Opening up the kitchen is a common way to make a small space look larger. The kitchen is no longer seen as a place in the home strictly used for cooking. More families are utilizing the kitchen as a place to socialize.



hardwood_flooring_clinton_twpInstalling hardwood flooring in the kitchen has become an increasingly popular choice over tile as more homeowners are opening up the wall between their living room and kitchen. Adding hardwood in the kitchen adds continuity from other spaces in the home.


office_0Customizing the home is trending this year because more families are becoming comfortable living in smaller homes. Instead of moving, these families are making all areas of their home consistent with their lifestyle.



bathroom-designs-modernSeparating the shower and tub has gained demand in recent years as more owners are beginning to use stand-up showers and are removing the bathtub altogether.






il_570xN.466861520_1lzgCombining old and new styles incorporates things like reclaimed wood into modern bedrooms or stainless steel appliances into antique kitchens. Personalization is being seen by more remodelers in today’s world.



Going greener has been an increasingly important ambition to homeowners in order to make their homes more energy efficient. Windows, doors and lighting are some of the most common items that are upgraded in order to make them more economical.


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