Fall Landscaping Ideas – The Paperbark Maple

If you’re thinking about improving your landscape and curb appeal for the fall season, one way to go is the paperbark maple tree. According to Karen Chapman of Houzz,

“The paperbark maple is a more modest-size, slow-growing deciduous tree, prized not only for its beautiful foliage but also for its attractive peeling cinnamon-colored bark. In fall the leaves of the paperbark maple change from green to shades of coral, peach and caramel — a wonderful highlight of any autumnal display.”

Paperbark maple details:

Botanical name: Acer griseum
Common name: Paperbark maple
Where it will grow: Hardy to -30 degrees Fahrenheit (zones 4 to 8)
Water requirement: Low once established
Light requirement: Full sun or partial shade
Mature size: 18 feet tall and up to 15 feet wide
Seasonal interest: Year-round
When to plant: Plant it in well-drained soil in spring or fall.



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