Fall Interior Design Ideas


  • Throughout the first part of 2014, we saw a lot of light, rich, and vibrant colors. In years past we were caught in the beige box. This included classic black and white.
  • This fall, rich navy blue is very in. Different saturations of navy blue add elements of color to any room.
  • It’s time to venture from the classic black and white. Soften up the timeless trend by mixing patterns of white into black and vice versa.

color crush blue18

Navy blue elements can add a nice touch of color to a room


  • Going into any new season elements of a room might be changed. Interchangeable accents are a key part of fall 2014.
  • Patterned or off-color pillows spice up a normal sitting area.
  • Add a vintage-looking rug.
  • Frames of different size, look, color, material.
  • Mood curtains.
  • New lamp shades.


Try off-color pillows to spice up your seating area


  • Moody, dramatic walls.
  • Dark colors with metallic accents.


  • One of a kind pieces are very in for fall (or any time).
  • Vintage pieces are enviable and change up any scene while staying classic.
    • Social media constantly cuts the lifespan of a trend in half yet vintage sticks around.
  • Timeless design and décor are back in after all of the electric patterns.


  • Vintage looking floral patterns mixed up with modern elements create an edgy, modern setting.


Mix-up modern and floral


  • Mix and match metallic creating many reflective surfaces.


  • Layer the room to create dimensions with both materials, patterns, and textures.
  • Layering on the walls makes any room seem deeper and larger.
  • Mix different metals, fabrics and other materials.


  • Heart of the home should constantly be improved.
  • Give it its own custom vibe and warm accents.
  • Stone reflective surfaces with rich color.


Add a touch of reflective stone to your kitchen


  • Lighten up woods in your home.
  • We have seen many dark woods in the past few design seasons and it is time to bring back the honey toned woods.


Honey toned woods are making a comeback 

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