Get Your House Ready for Spring!

Warmer weather is in the forecast. Here are 4 simple ideas for renovating your home in the Spring. 

1. Update your pillows and bedding – Bring in some brighter colors and lighter fabrics. Spring is the perfect time of year to lighten things up and much like your clothing, some fabrics are too heavy for the warm weather.


Tryout our Fabrics & Textiles Visualizer!


2. Change-Up Your Walls – Painting or adding new wallcoverings can really refresh your space. Add some pops of color or make over an entire room, if you’re up for the challenge!


Tryout our Wallcoverings Visualizer!


3. Incorporate Floral Patterns – A simple trick for transforming your home from Winter to Spring is to swap solid patterns with floral patterns.


Tryout our Window Fashions Selector!


4. Simplify – Bring the Spring freshness of the outdoors inside your home by removing some old accessories and replace them with green plants. You can also send off your rugs for Spring cleaning and keep your wood floors bare.


Need new rugs or flooring? Tryout one of our Flooring Visualizers!


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