Chameleon 3D Visualization Engine Getting Traction in Building and Decorating Industries

Next generation visualization engine from the market leader is a game changer for 3D products and high-fidelity product imagery

Novi, MI (April 1, 2016) Chameleon Power’s visualization tools are the standard in the building and decorating industries. With the 2015 launch of the Chameleon 3D visualization engine, the market dominance has expanded to another level.

“Our tools have been the industry standard in many categories for a long time, however we aspired to up our game a notch to work in the more 3D oriented industries,” said Dan Dempsey, President of Chameleon Power. “Our first 3D engine has helped us target new customers AND new categories very effectively”.

The Chameleon web and mobile tools are deployed globally by the leading suppliers, distributors, builders, dealers and websites in the building, decorating and other industries including cosmetics, fashion, design, textiles/fabrics, others.

“The ability to add 3D objects to 2D photographs is a game changer and certainly new ground for visualization in our industries,” continued Dempsey. “And high-resolution product zoom and render functionality is of keen interest to the manufacturers supplying products with intricate detail, colors, features, etc.”

Chameleon provides two-dimensional and three-dimensional photographic visualization technologies that help its customers sell and specify their products more effectively. The software technologies are deployed as customer-facing solutions and as channel-based tools that simplify the sales process.

Chameleon 3D visualization engines are available for implementation on client tools today.


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