Chameleon Finding New Industries for Its Lead Edge Visualization, Design and Specification Tools

The leader in web and mobile visualization solutions and services has launched into other categories with its unique offerings.

Novi, MI (April 7, 2016) Since inception, Chameleon Power has focused its marketing efforts on the building and decorating industries, which is why it is the leader and largest provider in the space.  As the technology has evolved, Chameleon has realized opportunity to expand into similar categories in need of color accurate, effective selling and specifying solutions.

“Our technologies have led the charge in our industry for more than a decade, and industries with similar needs typically pursue the leaders,” said Dan Dempsey, President of Chameleon Power. “Launching into textiles, fabrics, cosmetics, retail, and other categories makes sense for our expanding suite of color specification solutions.”

The Chameleon web and mobile tools are deployed globally by the leading suppliers, distributors, builders, dealers and websites in the building and decorating industries. The latest solutions have been embraced by leading cosmetics, fashion, design, textiles and fabrics suppliers.

“Our core is rooted in color accuracy across all lighting conditions and transparency/translucency,” said Bill Westrick, VP of Software Engineering, a color scientist, and the original developer of the Chameleon technology. “Industries that need accuracy and consistency on a global scale benefit greatly from our vast knowledge, skillset and corresponding technologies”.

Chameleon tools and services are deployed as customer-facing solutions and as product development technologies within the manufacturing and design sectors.


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