Color Expert Phil Kenyon Works With Mapei

One of Chameleon’s resident Color Experts, Phil Kenyon helped maximize Mapei’s color palette for grout.

Phil describes his experience with Mapei:

We worked with Mapei over the course of several months to assist in the evaluation of the existing Mapei grout palette with the goal of identifying colors in the existing palette that should be considered for obsolescence and to replace these and or increase the palette such that it included the most relevant legacy colors and added new colors that would be more relevant for currently popular flooring products and future seasonal forecasts.

The process involved the use of the Chromalyzer program to provide objective analysis of the existing Mapei palette in terms of how well balanced the collection was when viewed in a 3 dimensional color space, and how it compared against palettes offered from competitors.

Furthermore in conjunction with Mapei we introduced color data for a number of tile products that were considered to be currently extremely important in the flooring ranges of key retail clients, as well as those products that were included in key trend forecasts.

This data allowed us to identify those areas in color space where clients would need to have grout colors that would either complement or harmonize with high volume flooring products. A color palette that would be comprehensive and balanced and would meet the needs and expectations of commercial and retail consumers with a range of 40 colors that would most effectively cover the gamut of the materials that it would be used in conjunction with.


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