Chameleon Launches Product Simulation Engine for Building Industry Suppliers

Simulation engine helps suppliers create and simulate products digitally before going to production, and creates a custom, made-to-order service for commercial applications

Novi, MI (May 17, 2016) Applying visualization technology to the design and custom order business, Chameleon Power, the market leader in color design and visualization technologies, has developed a simulation engine for the fabric, textile, shingle and other categories. Designed to help suppliers control product design costs while forecasting colors more effectively, the Chameleon simulation tool is integrated with the visualization engine to allow a turnkey solution from design to visualization.

“Our customers and prospects have asked us to take simulation to the next level,” said Dan Dempsey, President of Chameleon Power. “With the most photo realistic tools available, it made sense for us to apply our tools to custom, made-to-order, and product design sectors.”

Chameleon technologies have been deployed for more than a decade by leading suppliers, distributors, builders, dealers and websites in the building and decorating industries. The simulation tool expands Chameleon’s offerings for its core categories and also for some of its latest categories including cosmetics, fashion, design, textiles, and fabrics suppliers.

“Simulation is a natural extension of our engine tools and capabilities,” said Bill Westrick, VP of Software Engineering, a color scientist, and the original developer of the Chameleon technology. “The ability to accurately create digital representations of products prior to manufacturing extends our technology reach into the design and customization arena.”

Chameleon tools and services are deployed as customer-facing solutions and as product development technologies within the manufacturing and design sectors.


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