Automation Lowers Cost of Installation and Lifestyle Shots

Visualization Technology Leader Provides Service to Simplify Process

Retailers and online merchants are mandating lifestyle and installation shots from their suppliers, which can be quite a challenge if the supplier hasn’t gone digital.  Chameleon Power, the leader in visualization technologies and services, provides an automated process that lowers the cost and shortens the timeline to delivering digital assets to the customers.

Initially used as an internal render lab, Chameleon has converted the process to allow manufacturers and retailers to exploit the very cost-effective and timely service.  By loading the supplier’s products and scenes, the service can provide thousands of outcomes in less than a week.

Chameleon Power technology provides cost-effective alternatives to costly photo shoots. We create high-resolution outcomes for your products without the hassle of staging the photography event, installing the product, etc. And since our services are technology based, alterations and re-use are instantaneous. Our color and graphics experts can create the ultimate image library at a fraction of the cost.

Chameleon Power has a large graphics team that manages the product and scene work, and the development team provides the render environment for the high-speed asset production services.  Our professional image rendering services offer a same-day turnaround on most projects.

“We can provide everything from photography and product preparation, scene preparation and high-volume rendering within our facilities” said Dan Dempsey, President of Chameleon Power.  “Doing photoshoots and vignette creation, etc. is no longer necessary.  We can handle the entire process for our customers, and provide limitless options for the customer’s products and scenes.”

Product rendering is a very effective closing tool, and Chameleon Power interfaces directly with the supplier’s sales teams to assist with the process.  Online retailers can provide their customers with the ability to visualize their products on various lifestyle scenes created by Chameleon Power.  Chameleon Power technologies and services increase conversion rates by as much as 75%.

If interested in learning more, please reach out to Chameleon Power, or visit our official website to learn more at  Also, be sure to follow us on all social media platforms for up-to-date information about Chameleon Power.


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