2014’s Top Remodeling Trends

Looking to make some changes around the home this summer? According to Senior Editor Mike LaFollette at Angie’s List, the top home remodeling trends of 2014 are: Opening up the Kitchen Installing Hardwood Flooring in the Kitchen Customizing the Home Separating the Shower and Tub Combining Old and New Styles Going Greener Opening up the… Continue reading 2014’s Top Remodeling Trends

What Chameleon Power(ed) Technology Users Are Saying

“I’m glad I found this [tool] before I started shopping for siding.” “I absolutely love this tool. We are going shopping for floor covering in a few minutes.” “This is priceless when it comes to choosing home decorating products.” “Without a doubt: one of the best decorating tools out there for carpet and tiles.” “This… Continue reading What Chameleon Power(ed) Technology Users Are Saying