Chameleon Power’s ImageMapper: 2.1 Million Home Photo Uploads and Growing

Try ImageMapper for yourself at, Since 2006, more than 2.1 million photos and growing have been uploaded to ImageMapper. ImageMapper, is the original and leading photo upload tool that brings unparalleled reality to the virtual design process. Our patent-pending ImageMapper has given countless builders, contractors and homeowners from across North America and the world… Continue reading Chameleon Power’s ImageMapper: 2.1 Million Home Photo Uploads and Growing

Chameleon Power Visualizer Features and Benefits

ImageMapper is the original upload your own home photo tool.

Our visualizers provide highly interactive and engaging online tools to:

  • Drive new customers and prospects to your website by the minute
  • Discover 1000’s of new leads
  • Capture visitors who spend a minimum of 10 minutes each on your site
  • Convert 2/3rds of users into actual buyers
  • Encourage social media sharing with other prospects
  • Save and manage projects in a secure folder

Chameleon Power(ed) visualizers:

  • Build greater rapport with prospects and clients
  • Include ImageMapper, the original upload your own home to redesign tool
  • Beautifully realize glass and other clear or translucent surfaces
  • Provide crystalline photo clarity
  • Instantly transform basic “befores” into amazing “afters”
  • Allow you to print design projects
  • Have zoom capabilities
  • Offer a variety of views such as the “Compare Home View” to show dramatic before and after reveals.

We’re all about brilliant vision and beautiful change for a diversity of industries including:

  • Home Building
  • Remodeling
  • Interior Design
  • Home Decor
  • Furniture/Fabrics/Textiles
  • Flooring of all types including carpeting and rugs
  • Cosmetics

Find out for yourself at


Visualizers Take the Guesswork Out of Remodeling

Visualizers Take the Guesswork Out of Remodeling Building or remodeling a home can be an exciting but also stressful time for your customers. That’s why Chameleon Power, the leading provider of visualization software, has been developing online solutions that take the guesswork out of selecting products for the home. Our comprehensive software visualizes every part… Continue reading Visualizers Take the Guesswork Out of Remodeling

Go With a Leader, Not a Follower

Chameleon Power also has developed the: Unique-to-the industry Mosaic and Backsplash Builder technologies that capture the intricacies and detail of these decorative features Original upload your own home to redesign tool, ImageMapper Whether you are a builders, contractors or homeowner, you can always rely on Chameleon’s engaging and easy-to-use software that not only delivers perfectly… Continue reading Go With a Leader, Not a Follower

Brilliant Vision and Beautiful Change

Since 1997, Chameleon Power has been the visualization technology leader. Our commitment to innovation and superior design helps builders and remodelers instantly realize their customers’ dreams with brilliant vision and beautiful change. Unleash the Power of Chameleon! Our work is inspired by the small, smart and agile chameleon known for its 360-degree, brilliant vision and… Continue reading Brilliant Vision and Beautiful Change