The Future of Technology

AI Artificial intelligence (AI) are smart machines that learn and understand human reasoning through experiences and implemented knowledge. Many simple AI machines are used in many things we see today like video games, autonomous cars, virtual assistants, and security. Many new games such as Far Cry 5 use intelligent machines to create enemies that adapt… Continue reading The Future of Technology

Building the Perfect Palette

Chameleon Power Chromalyzer tool helps paint, grout, fabric, textile, cosmetic and other suppliers build the ultimate product set March 28, 2017 Chameleon Power, the leading global provider of visualization software technologies, has enjoyed widespread acceptance of its color palette development engine, Chromalyzer. The palette building application aids product manufacturers in the development of the ideal… Continue reading Building the Perfect Palette

A Closer Look: VR Headsets

By Charles Gao, Chameleon Power Marketing Intern There are multiple models of virtual reality (VR) headsets available to consumers today and they all have several pros and cons. Each headset has features that are attractive to some, but may be unattractive to others. In this article we will delve into the differences between them in… Continue reading A Closer Look: VR Headsets

Decorating & Design Tips for Fall 2016

The end of August has arrived. The weather is cooling, football is back, pumpkin flavored beverages have returned, and we’re inching closer and closer to the start of Fall. Here are some things you can do to your home to help your family embrace the season! Cuddle up Outside Make the most of fall’s crisp… Continue reading Decorating & Design Tips for Fall 2016

Simple Ways to Waterproof Your Home

Although this summer has been mostly dry, it has also brought waves of sudden pouring rain. All that rain forced upon your house and yard can cause tremendous damage which will strongly impact your home and its value. Fortunately, a short amount of time spent in upkeep can help defend your home from the summer… Continue reading Simple Ways to Waterproof Your Home