Welcome to Lizard Labs

56717276528620874_IZJDjmpS_cChameleon Power’s work is inspired by the small, agile and very smart chameleon. For more than 80 million years, the chameleon has survived by brilliant 360°vision and the ability to display beautiful change in an instant!

While we haven’t been at it quite nearly as long as the chameleon, we do think we have done a a good job of merging amazing (and very cool) occurrences from nature with powerful technology.

Since 1997, Chameleon Power has been the leading provider of visualization software for the home building and decorating industries. Manufacturers, distributors, contractors and homeowners from across North America and the world rely on our web visualizers to generate more than 11 million render requests a month! We’re pleased to say the popularity of these websites is firmly rooted in the vision and high quality of our clients’ products and we hope just a little bit to our innovative technology.

And innovation is what drives us. From the world’s first web-based visualizer to the first iPad visualizer, Chameleon Power has:

  • Advanced product visualization not just for the home building industry but for any industry
  • Conducted extensive research in color accuracy so that what you see on a computer monitor is what you see in true life
  • Developed ways to capture natural and incandescent lighting of products online
  • Come up with anything else in product visualization that’s new, now and next

We are constantly evolving and changing just like the chameleon and we invite you to join us here on Lizard Labs, our blog about anything innovation and your portal to what’s new in visualization, and above all, technology.


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