Chameleon Finding New Industries for Its Lead Edge Visualization, Design and Specification Tools

The leader in web and mobile visualization solutions and services has launched into other categories with its unique offerings.

Novi, MI (April 7, 2016) Since inception, Chameleon Power has focused its marketing efforts on the building and decorating industries, which is why it is the leader and largest provider in the space.  As the technology has evolved, Chameleon has realized opportunity to expand into similar categories in need of color accurate, effective selling and specifying solutions.

“Our technologies have led the charge in our industry for more than a decade, and industries with similar needs typically pursue the leaders,” said Dan Dempsey, President of Chameleon Power. “Launching into textiles, fabrics, cosmetics, retail, and other categories makes sense for our expanding suite of color specification solutions.”

The Chameleon web and mobile tools are deployed globally by the leading suppliers, distributors, builders, dealers and websites in the building and decorating industries. The latest solutions have been embraced by leading cosmetics, fashion, design, textiles and fabrics suppliers.

“Our core is rooted in color accuracy across all lighting conditions and transparency/translucency,” said Bill Westrick, VP of Software Engineering, a color scientist, and the original developer of the Chameleon technology. “Industries that need accuracy and consistency on a global scale benefit greatly from our vast knowledge, skillset and corresponding technologies”.

Chameleon tools and services are deployed as customer-facing solutions and as product development technologies within the manufacturing and design sectors.


Chameleon 3D Visualization Engine Getting Traction in Building and Decorating Industries

Next generation visualization engine from the market leader is a game changer for 3D products and high-fidelity product imagery

Novi, MI (April 1, 2016) Chameleon Power’s visualization tools are the standard in the building and decorating industries. With the 2015 launch of the Chameleon 3D visualization engine, the market dominance has expanded to another level.

“Our tools have been the industry standard in many categories for a long time, however we aspired to up our game a notch to work in the more 3D oriented industries,” said Dan Dempsey, President of Chameleon Power. “Our first 3D engine has helped us target new customers AND new categories very effectively”.

The Chameleon web and mobile tools are deployed globally by the leading suppliers, distributors, builders, dealers and websites in the building, decorating and other industries including cosmetics, fashion, design, textiles/fabrics, others.

“The ability to add 3D objects to 2D photographs is a game changer and certainly new ground for visualization in our industries,” continued Dempsey. “And high-resolution product zoom and render functionality is of keen interest to the manufacturers supplying products with intricate detail, colors, features, etc.”

Chameleon provides two-dimensional and three-dimensional photographic visualization technologies that help its customers sell and specify their products more effectively. The software technologies are deployed as customer-facing solutions and as channel-based tools that simplify the sales process.

Chameleon 3D visualization engines are available for implementation on client tools today.


Chameleon Featured in Smart Home 2016

Chameleon’s paint and color visualizer created for Sherwin-Williams is featured as a part of HGTV’s Smart Home 2016. Click the link to check it out in their latest TV spot!


Get Your House Ready for Spring!

Warmer weather is in the forecast. Here are 4 simple ideas for renovating your home in the Spring. 

1. Update your pillows and bedding – Bring in some brighter colors and lighter fabrics. Spring is the perfect time of year to lighten things up and much like your clothing, some fabrics are too heavy for the warm weather.


Tryout our Fabrics & Textiles Visualizer!


2. Change-Up Your Walls – Painting or adding new wallcoverings can really refresh your space. Add some pops of color or make over an entire room, if you’re up for the challenge!


Tryout our Wallcoverings Visualizer!


3. Incorporate Floral Patterns – A simple trick for transforming your home from Winter to Spring is to swap solid patterns with floral patterns.


Tryout our Window Fashions Selector!


4. Simplify – Bring the Spring freshness of the outdoors inside your home by removing some old accessories and replace them with green plants. You can also send off your rugs for Spring cleaning and keep your wood floors bare.


Need new rugs or flooring? Tryout one of our Flooring Visualizers!


Home Projects for Summer

Feel like utilizing the warm weather to work on your home? Here are some of the things you can do this Summer.

1. Build an Outdoor Kitchen


2. Add Lighting to Your Front Walkway


3. Add a Deck to Your Backyard


4. Build a Sitting Wall


5. Hang Exterior Shutters


6. Build a Fire Pit


[Customize your own OW Lee Fire Pit online with our visualization tool!]

7. Make a Pebble Mosaic


8. Lay a Stone Patio


Put together your dream projects for your home before ever making a purchase, with Chameleon Power software. Try it out on our site!


Chameleon Success Stories!

Some of the input we’ve recently received from the people using our Software:  


“I love this tool. I am having my roof replaced and my roofer gave me your samples. This is so awesome as to actually see the house with the roof, opposed to trying to visualize what it would look like. I would have been very disappointed with the color that I chose before using this tool. Thank you so much !!!”

Jeanne RCertainteed User

“Love the uploaded home that you emailed-can finalize color decisions with this program. Thanks!!!”

– Nancy GPlyGem User

“The Visualizer is very user friendly! I found it extremely useful for selecting our siding for our new construction home.”

Alison RPlyGem User

“It has been so helpful to see everything together; we are having the Lenton company in Lancaster do our kitchen and Heather, the designer, told us about your site. Thank-you so helpful!!!”

Susan HArizona Tile User

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