Winter 2015 Home Improvement Projects

Stay busy and improve your home during the bitter cold this Winter.

Here are some projects that we recommend working on. Be sure to visit us on the web @ and see how we can help you visualize your interior and exterior renovations.

Interior Painting


Refinish Doors


Refinish Furniture


Remodel Your Bathroom


Make Changes to Your Kitchen


Install a Backsplash




Experiment With Lighting


Add Insulation


Work on Your Floors

Glass wall

All of these projects can be done from the comfort of your own home while the Winter weather rages outside.

IKO Announces Release of RoofViewer App for Android Platform

Company aims to make choosing the right shingle easy for homeowners on any mobile device

December 19, 2014

KANKAKEE, IL – IKO Industries, Ltd, a global manufacturer of asphalt shingles and related roofing materials for the residential and commercial roofing industry, has introduced its latest app. The company’s popular RoofViewer software tool is now available as a free download from the Google Play™ store.

Director of Marketing, Carol Perkins, explains the history of RoofViewer and its evolution into this latest version.

“Several years ago, IKO was first to market with our proprietary RoofViewer software tool. At the time, it was only available through a desktop computer. At the time, mobile devices were not in widespread use. Today, almost everyone is accessing programs and apps on the fly.”

She says that IKO’s market research revealed the toughest decision facing homeowners was choosing the right style and color of shingle.

RoofViewer solved that problem by allowing them to shingle their homes virtually, online. They could choose from a standard template similar to their house or upload a photo of their actual home. RoofViewer even allowed them to “try on” different accessories, such as siding and trim.

“RoofViewer was a big hit both with homeowners and with the contractors we serve,” she continues. “In January 2013, we released an app designed to be used on an Apple® iPad®. It was an enhanced version of our desktop software tool because it also allowed users to map out the roof and select all the components of IKO’s Pro 4 Roofing System: shingles, roof starter, underlayment, ice & water protector and hip & ridge cap shingles.”

The Android version of RoofViewer takes the app to a whole new level of functionality by driving qualified leads to reputable contractors. They’ll be able to save all the information as reference, to create a price quote.

Ms. Perkins says, “This will be faster and more convenient than having to transfer the data by hand and deal with more paper. Roofing professionals are busy, always on the move. They’re sure to enjoy having remote access to prospects’ contact info and selected products.”

Chameleon Power, a leader in software technologies for the roofing and building industries, provided the suite of RoofViewer tools. CEO Dan Dempsey says, “IKO has continued to lead the roofing industry with innovative solutions for its roofers and homeowners. We’re thrilled to work closely with such an innovative organization in bringing our technologies to the roofing industry.”

TheRoofViewer app is now available as a free download at the Google Play Store online store or at the IKO website:
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About IKO
IKO is a world-wide leader in the roofing, waterproofing and insulation industry for residential and commercial markets. A vertically integrated company, IKO operates more than 25 manufacturing plants throughout North America and Europe. IKO is a family owned business established in 1951.
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About Chameleon Power Inc.
Headquartered in Novi, Michigan, Chameleon Power is the leading Web technology provider to the home building and decorating industry. Chameleon Power has provided visualization and e-commerce solutions to the home building and remodeling industries since 1998. Chameleon Powered Web sites create virtual showrooms that provide a seamless connection between manufacturers, e-tailers and consumers. For more information, visit

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Fall Interior Design Ideas


  • Throughout the first part of 2014, we saw a lot of light, rich, and vibrant colors. In years past we were caught in the beige box. This included classic black and white.
  • This fall, rich navy blue is very in. Different saturations of navy blue add elements of color to any room.
  • It’s time to venture from the classic black and white. Soften up the timeless trend by mixing patterns of white into black and vice versa.

color crush blue18

Navy blue elements can add a nice touch of color to a room


  • Going into any new season elements of a room might be changed. Interchangeable accents are a key part of fall 2014.
  • Patterned or off-color pillows spice up a normal sitting area.
  • Add a vintage-looking rug.
  • Frames of different size, look, color, material.
  • Mood curtains.
  • New lamp shades.


Try off-color pillows to spice up your seating area


  • Moody, dramatic walls.
  • Dark colors with metallic accents.


  • One of a kind pieces are very in for fall (or any time).
  • Vintage pieces are enviable and change up any scene while staying classic.
    • Social media constantly cuts the lifespan of a trend in half yet vintage sticks around.
  • Timeless design and décor are back in after all of the electric patterns.


  • Vintage looking floral patterns mixed up with modern elements create an edgy, modern setting.


Mix-up modern and floral


  • Mix and match metallic creating many reflective surfaces.


  • Layer the room to create dimensions with both materials, patterns, and textures.
  • Layering on the walls makes any room seem deeper and larger.
  • Mix different metals, fabrics and other materials.


  • Heart of the home should constantly be improved.
  • Give it its own custom vibe and warm accents.
  • Stone reflective surfaces with rich color.


Add a touch of reflective stone to your kitchen


  • Lighten up woods in your home.
  • We have seen many dark woods in the past few design seasons and it is time to bring back the honey toned woods.


Honey toned woods are making a comeback 

Redecorate your living space inside and out with Chameleon’s many home visualization tools. 


Chameleon User Feedback from CertainTeed!

chameleonfeedback copy

These customers loved it. Give it a try and see for yourself. Customize your own home with the CertainTeed ColorView Tool!

“This is an absolutely fabulous site…thank you!!!”

– Joan and Bill

“Love the app.  I think I found my roof color!  Thank you!”

– Celwil

“Very nice program.  Very helpful in selecting our roofing color.”

– Marc

Home Renovation Projects to Tackle in the Fall


The weather has begun to cool, leaves have started to change color, and football season is here. It’s the perfect time to work on your home. Here are some renovation ideas that are geared specifically towards the Fall season.

1. Upgrading Doors and Windows – Older windows will cause your home to lose a great deal of heat in the wintertime. Fall is a good time to consider replacing them with new double-paned windows that will increase insulation and save money on your heating bill. You should also inspect your exterior doors for gaps or cracks in between the door and door frame that will let heat out.

2. Roof Maintenance – As the leaves fall, it’s important to keep your gutters clean in order to avoid ice dams that will damage the roof in the Winter. It’s also a good time to check for any loose or curling shingles. A roof that is in poor shape may need to be replaced before winter.

3. Interior Painting – Summer humidity makes it difficult for paint to dry and often results in blotchy walls while the lack of ventilation during Winter can result in excessive drying times. A warm Autumn day is the perfect time to open up the windows and finish some interior painting projects.

Check out all of our online software and visualization tools perfect for paint, door & window, and roofing projects!