Chameleon Power: First in Visualization Technology Innovation

Chameleon Power was founded during the height of the boom of the late 1990’s. One of the key reasons the company emerged from the bust that followed is its long commitment to continuous innovation and technology. A company of firsts, Chameleon Power prides itself with leading technology that others follow or attempt to… Continue reading Chameleon Power: First in Visualization Technology Innovation

Chameleon Power Visualizer Features and Benefits

ImageMapper is the original upload your own home photo tool.

Our visualizers provide highly interactive and engaging online tools to:

  • Drive new customers and prospects to your website by the minute
  • Discover 1000’s of new leads
  • Capture visitors who spend a minimum of 10 minutes each on your site
  • Convert 2/3rds of users into actual buyers
  • Encourage social media sharing with other prospects
  • Save and manage projects in a secure folder

Chameleon Power(ed) visualizers:

  • Build greater rapport with prospects and clients
  • Include ImageMapper, the original upload your own home to redesign tool
  • Beautifully realize glass and other clear or translucent surfaces
  • Provide crystalline photo clarity
  • Instantly transform basic “befores” into amazing “afters”
  • Allow you to print design projects
  • Have zoom capabilities
  • Offer a variety of views such as the “Compare Home View” to show dramatic before and after reveals.

We’re all about brilliant vision and beautiful change for a diversity of industries including:

  • Home Building
  • Remodeling
  • Interior Design
  • Home Decor
  • Furniture/Fabrics/Textiles
  • Flooring of all types including carpeting and rugs
  • Cosmetics

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