The Future of Technology



Artificial intelligence (AI) are smart machines that learn and understand human reasoning through experiences and implemented knowledge. Many simple AI machines are used in many things we see today like video games, autonomous cars, virtual assistants, and security. Many new games such as Far Cry 5 use intelligent machines to create enemies that adapt to a different situation. Many simple AI machines also serve millions of people today. Although today’s intelligent machines are far from the machines we see in movies, every day we are getting closer to creating machines that can learn and think like humans.




Autonomous Cars

Autonomous cars that don’t require drivers are closer to becoming a daily commodity that everyone uses. Autonomous cars are able to use external factors and navigate the roads using algorithms. With the advancements in artificial intelligence, autonomous cars will become smarter, safer, and more efficient. Google’s smart car and the Mercedes F 015 both show that smart cars are practical and are safe. Many more advances are expected to happen in the next few years.




Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is a 3D computer generated environment that one can experience and explore. VR is a technology that will become prominent in the next few years with the advancements of computer graphic cards and the VR headsets. The environments in the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift headsets become more efficient and better as they are further developed on a daily basis. This will lead to cost going down and VR becoming an everyday tool.




Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a computer generated object that is integrated into the real world environment. A simple example of AR is in the recent Pokemon Go game where Pokemon were integrated into the real world. This type of AR is the simplest type in that the device did not recognize any of the objects around it. Tango, a new project by google has the ability to recognize depth and its environment through multiple cameras and sensors.




Quantum Computers

Quantum computers are computers that do computing at a subatomic level by using quantum states. At the subatomic level quantum computers use data units that are called qubits. Qubits are able to hold both values of 1 and 0 unlike the traditional bits that hold either 1 or 0. Today quantum computers are not practical for everyday people because they cost millions of dollars and are the size of a room, but as time goes on cost will fall and size will shrink. These new computers have uses in mathematical problem solving, database searching, breaking encryptions, drug creation, and machine learning. Quantum computers will not replace traditional computers because for normal tasks like browsing websites and word processing, traditional computers work just as well if not better than quantum computers.




3D Printing

3D printing is become more and more common everyday as it is seen everywhere from public libraries to personal homes. 3D printers have become more advanced and cheaper as each new printer comes out. Many new printers even cost less than $500 and require only basic CAD knowledge. 3D printing has the most impact in the modeling, designing, and medical industries right now. With the advancement of 3D printing doctors could be able to print organs that are fully functional and are able to replace traditional biological structures.



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Chameleon Power

Chameleon Power uses 3D, AR, and VR to help companies in the residential and commercial building industries to visualize and present their products to their consumers. Our next generation engines are perfect for consumers, designers, contractors, and remodelers. Chameleon Power was launched in 1998. It is a growing company that has several major clients. It currently has 50 employees, four offices, and two data centers.

See what future tech we can develop for your business at


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